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Every drop counts: what we’re doing – and how you can help

Spier’s commitment to conserving water dates back to long before the Western Cape’s current drought. In 2007, we set the goal of halving our municipal water consumption. Ever since then, we’ve been constantly searching for ways to improve efficiency and consumption.

Every drop counts: what we’re doing – and how you can help

100% of Spier's wastewater is recycled by our own eco-friendly treatment plant. Installed a decade ago, it can process up to one million litres at any given time and produces 50 million litres of clean water annually. It would take a river 350km to purify what the wastewater treatment plant cleans in one day. The water is used for flushing in the estate’s busiest washrooms and to irrigate our gardens and lawns.

We have also installed 400 water-saving devices on showers, basins and toilets in our 153-room hotel, conference centre, restaurants and other public spaces.

As part of the FEDHASA Cape Waterwise Pledge, Spier Resort Management has committed to reducing our water usage and consumption by 40% over the period of one year, ending on 12/10/2018.

Here are a few things we’re doing to achieve this:

Our Hotel guest rooms:
-    Have no bath plugs available: we encourage guests to rather shower
-    Have new aerators in all taps to reduce water consumption by 50%
-    Have flush buddies installed in all toilets to reduce water in the cistern by 2L
-    Have showers with restricted water flow

Our public areas:
-    Have waterless urinals
-    Have new aerators and sensor taps to reduce water consumption by 50%

Spier Hotel Pools
-    We have installed two 2500L water tanks which are filled by rain collected from the Hotel’s rain gutters. These tanks are connected to our main pool’s filtration and pump systems where it is cleaned and circulated into the pool and back, thus ensuring a continuous flow of clean water.

Already, our carefully monitored water consumption at Spier Hotel has been reduced by more than 50% over the past six months, from 389L per guest night to 165L per guest night. This isn’t good enough, though. We’re aiming for less than 50L water usage per day, per hotel guest. 

While enjoying a wonderful stay, we’re encouraging the guests to join the good citizens of the Western Cape in our province-wide efforts to save water. Here’s how you can help:

UPDATE (1 February 2018): The City of Cape Town is currently under Level 6B water restrictions.

Learn more about our water conservation efforts here: http://www.spier.co.za/blog/spier-hotel-and-conference-centre-achieves-major-water-savings

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