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It’s all good (and natural)

We show you six of the best spin-offs of treating the land the way it should be treated, and the magnificent harvest we’re bringing to the table as a result.

It’s all good (and natural)

We’re all about sustainability, balance, honesty, and back-to-the-soil authenticity. We’re about treating the land with kindness and respect, and a reverence for what the soil gives us. 

It’s About Freshly Picked Everything

Just around the corner from Eight, Spier’s farm-to-table restaurant, the day’s work has also started in out vegetable garden. Hefty baskets, filled with dewy loads of freshly picked tomatoes and spinach have been brought to the kitchen door where they’ll be plated up in seasonal dishes in just a few hours.

It’s About Natural Pest Control

It's an early summer dawn on the farm, and our helpful pest controllers are hard at work in the vineyards: 100 runner ducks who live among the vineyards, happily gobbling up harmful pests and keeping our grapes safe and healthy. Long may they run. (Thanks, ducks.)

It’s About Ethical Farming

Our barefoot, back-to-basics Farmer Angus, who’s passionate about Steiner-based, ethical and sustainable farming. We’re guided by his principles and philosophies, and we’re as committed as he is to working with nature, to healthy soil, healthy food, and sustainable farming practices.

And further down in the pastures - which really are greener here - our livestock and chickens roam freely on a wholesome diet that’s part of our real commitment to ethical farming practices.

It's About Real Creative Juice

Our wines made from grapes grown in the most natural way possible, crafted and blended by our team of real creative winemakers. Heaped with gold and double golds at wine shows around the world. (Thanks, world.)

You’ll Notice It When You’re Here

You’ll see it all around you. In our Fair Trade hotel, and in our restaurants, bakery and café. You’ll taste it in our wholesome, healthy farm-to-table produce and ingredients. You’ll get it from our people. The Spier values in all we do. 

This summer, come and experience our offering, at Spier.

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