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No-bake dark chocolate peanut butter tart

This tart is just over-the-top decadent and downright delicious! You’ll only need a small sliver, so it will serve quite a crowd. Prepare to indulge!

No-bake dark chocolate peanut butter tart with Spier Creative Block 5

(serves 12, prep/cooking time: 25 minutes plus cooling)

•    200 g digestive biscuits
•    2 cups icing sugar
•    100 g melted butter
•    1 cup peanut butter
•    5 ml salt
•    200 ml cream
•    300 g dark chocolate, chopped into smaller chunks
•    some fresh berries/cherries, to serve

Spray a large loose-bottom tart tin with non-stick spray.
Place the digestive biscuits in a food processor and process until it is fine. Add the icing sugar, butter, peanut butter and salt, then mix well. Press the mixture evenly into the base of the tart tin, then refrigerate while you make the top layer.

Place the cream in a microwave proof bowl and heat in the microwave until warm but not boiling. Add the dark chocolate chunks, then leave to stand for 5 minutes. Stir well until smooth. If the mixture won’t go smooth, heat it for another 30 seconds in the microwave and keep stirring. Pour the creamy chocolate onto the tart base, then refrigerate until firm.

To serve, remove the tart from the fridge and remove the outer ring. Cut into slivers (when it is still cold and firm) and serve when it is closer to room temperature. This tart might become very soft on standing, but it tastes better when it’s not too cold. 

Serve with some tart berries/cherries and a glass of Spier Creative Block 5.

About the wine
Medium- to full-bodied, Creative Block 5 dazzles with complexity, showing decadent dark chocolate, cranberry depth as well as tomato leaf and thatch notes. The palate is juicy and sweet-fruited, framed by concentrated tannins and complemented by subtle hints rooibos tea and wet earth. There is a lovely freshness and finesse running through the red-fruited 2014 that is particular to the vintage. Superb balance and effortless weight leads to a long, classy finish.  Stock up now, and enjoy over the next decade. 

(Recipe: Ilse van der Merwe, Photography: Tasha Seccombe)

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