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Raise a glass to the water made from air

Spier recently installed Water From Air™ machines in Eight, our farm-to-table restaurant, the Spier Hotel Reception and the Conference Centre. These machines harness the atmosphere’s humidity to make up to 1,500L of water a day.

Raise a glass to the water made from air

They provide our guests with purified water while reducing our consumption of the Cape’s precious, dwindling municipal water supplies. 

Our aim is to provide drinking water for the entire farm with the Water From Air™ machines, reducing water consumption by up to 45, 000L per month.

How does the machine work? 
All air contains water – which, in a gaseous state, we call water vapour. The Water From Air machine draws air in and cools it down – causing the vapour to condense, becoming liquid. This condensation is filtered nine times and purified using UV light. This water is slightly alkaline with a pH of 8.3, and is deliciously soft.

This is just one of the examples of how we constantly strive to find innovative ways to save water during the Cape drought.  Find out here about the other ways we’re saving water. 

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