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In addition to our healthy vineyards, Spier has extensive tracts of land that are farmed using biodynamic principles.

Animals, including cattle and chickens, are raised on pastures, and contribute to the fertility of the soil. We have a biodynamic vegetable garden with a broad variety of crops.

The ethically produced meat and vegetables are used in our farm-to-table eating experiences Eight and Eight to Go in the preparation of wholesome, delicious dishes and picnics. 

We strive to maintain the biodiversity of our farm by balancing vineyard cultivation and food production with planting of indigenous shrubs and trees, and large conservation areas are currently being established.

Biodynamic practices

We manage almost 300 hectares under biodynamic agricultural practices. Biodynamic techniques recognise that plant life is closely bound up with the life of the soil. The healthier the soil, the more vitality goes into our crops, which in turn brings health to those who eat it. 

In addition, we acknowledge that a plant’s growth is also affected by planetary influences like the waxing and waning of the moon. Therefore, where possible, we work with and harness these forces of nature to the benefit of the food.