Festival of Light Art

Call for proposals

Spier will be presenting its first Festival of Light Art from 8 December – 30 January 2019. Each night Spier will light up with a journey of light and sound artworks across the estate.

The Festival of Light Art plays on the word light. Creatives – including designers, architects, light and sound artists – as well as students and institutions are invited to submit proposals for installations that will appear at the Festival. Participants are given the opportunity to conceptualise and present light and sound work in the natural setting of the farm and amongst Spier's historical architecture dating back to 1767.

These may tackle serious, social/environmental issues but regardless of their theme, they should be engaging to all age groups, and encouraged to keep the youth in mind. Preference will be given to installations that engender a sense of discovery and interactive play.

Category 1: 2 - 3 large scale installations.
Category 2: 8 - 15 artworks that will be installed along the festival route across Spier.

•    Works should use the mediums of light and/or sound. 
•    There is no theme, but the installation should work within the setting of Spier Wine Farm and should be conceptually engaging.
•    The works need to be weather-proof and easy to manage.
•    They should require minimal maintenance and minimal supervision.
•    The exhibition period is approximately eight weeks. The installation time will vary depending on nature of the project.
•    Interactivity is encouraged but not essential.
•    Technical advice is available.
•    Direction signage to guide guests can also be presented as artwork.
•    If vegetation is part of the concept being proposed, they must be treated with care. Hammering nails into trees or hanging heavy structures from branches are both not permitted.
•    De-installation of artwork is the responsibility of the artist.
•    The selected artworks will be funded by Spier. 
•    Cost and artist fee to be included in proposal.

Important dates:

Deadline: Tuesday, 25 September 2018 
Notification of selection: 15 October 2018
Opening night with performances: 8 and 9 December
Dates of the festival: 10 December 2018 – 30 January 2019

Please submit your proposal directly to lightart@spier.co.za

Your proposal needs to include: 
•    Description of artwork
•    Place of implementation (select from map below)
•    Duration of implementation
•    Price and cost specification
•    Supporting documents (maps, images, plans)

For more information, please contact: lightart@spier.co.za

Click image to enlarge

Proposed site selection:
1. Hotel embankment (click on the link to view site)
2. Hotel dam (click on the link to view site)
3. The Werf (click on the link to view site)
4. Bamboo Lawns (click on the link to view site)
5. Mosaic Kraal (click on the link to view site)
6. Spier Square (click on the link to view site)
7. Songsmith lawns (click on the link to view site)
8. Wineshop dam (click on the link to view site)

Please submit your proposal directly to lightart@spier.co.za