"It has been a privilege and a treat to have my design translated into the traditional craft of detailed stone and glass mosaic on a massive scale."

"Having made many large mosaics during my career, I really appreciate the work and challenges involved, as well as the potential for incorporating mosaic into contemporary art and design.

My design for the mosaic was done digitally, using a photographic source, based on the dying slave, which is an image I have long wanted to use in a large-scale mosaic, to create a dialogue between the characteristics of mosaics and digital pixilation. On the suggestion by the studio, Michelangelo’s slave was replaced by an image of a black model, imitating the pose of the slave. I appreciated this input as I think it further contextualized some of the aspects within the work.

Initially, I was concerned that the roughness of stone mosaic used, would not be conducive to achieving a slick digital effect, even from a distance. After seeing the first sample created by the studio, I realized that my concerns were unwarranted and in fact, the richness of texture and the intense colour of glass added an incredible dimension that made perfect sense with the concept.

I look forward to seeing the result installed on site, concluding a project in which I felt like I could sit back and enjoy the progression from a distance, a position I haven’t often enjoyed in the production of my own work."