Spier Architectural Arts (SAA) specialises in collaborative work with fine artists and architects, producing signature artworks to scale for inclusion in public spaces and architectural structures around the world.

Spier Architectural Arts carefully oversaw every step of the artistic and construction process of The Dying Slave. From design development, choosing materials and a suitable mosaic style to translate the design into stone, right through to the detailing of the structural work, to ensure the integrity of the design is honoured and realized to its full creative capacity. Production took place in their Cape Town based studio. Built up in panels roughly sized 1sqm each, the artwork was crated to the Stellenbosch site in fragments and installed piece by piece by a team of 4 artists to ensure a seamless application.

Spier Architectural Arts has realised many mosaics in architectural sites in South Africa and abroad, affording the contributing artists the opportunity of seeing their works realised on a scale not previously possible for them. Projects undertaken have increased in scope and complexity with each new commission.

Spier Architectural Arts oversees the Spier Arts Academy, offering employment-based training in professional mosaic. The three-year, full-time apprenticeship focuses on mosaic art taught by the best international tutors and includes tuition in drawing, art history and theory, and business skills. The objective is to equip trainees with the necessary skills to enable them to jumpstart their creative careers and run their own successful mosaic enterprises.