We think the natural flavour of food speaks for itself, so our chefs' approach is to keep conference food simple but tasty.

Our fresh produce is either grown on the farm or sourced from other farmers close by.

Our beef comes from grass-fed cattle reared in our own pastures. Eggs are courtesy of hens that scratch around freely in our fields. Both our chickens and our cattle are raised without antibiotics or hormones. Our fresh veg and fruit are free of chemical fertilisers, pesticides or artificial chemicals.

Menu Option One

  • Fresh garden herb salad
  • Broccoli, roasted artichokes, feta, sun-dried tomatoes
  • Caesar chicken salad: Parmesan cheese, cos lettuce, croutons
  • Green bean, olive, mushroom and roast tomato salad with olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs
  • Grilled aubergine and courgette - roast onion, peppers and chickpeas
  • Battered hake fillet with tartare sauce
  • Roast leg of lam with tsatsiki
  • Lemon cheesecake
  • Fresh fruit kebabs

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