Growing For Good Organic farming

Earth Friendly Farming

Our land is holistically farmed to create a diversified, balanced ecosystem with minimal impact on the environment.

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Family-owned since 1993

A few key facts about our organic farm

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Organic vineyards


Under conservation




Spanning 620 hectares, our farm has been family-owned since 1993. Historic buildings and adjacent land have been restored, conserved and rehabilitated: a demonstration of our commitment to honour our farm’s heritage and nurture its environmental biodiversity while being mindful of the region’s socio-economic development challenges.

Our certified organic pastures and vineyards — both on the Spier estate and at Nooitgedacht (a Spier-owned farm in Paarl) — are farmed as naturally as possible. This means no chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used. A primary focus of our farming team has been the regeneration of soil fertility. This is achieved through methods such as high-density grazing (of cattle, pigs and chickens) and nutrient-rich organic compost.

Across the farm, we have protected endangered patches of Renosterveld and created new, 8-metre wide “nature corridors” or shelterbelts consisting of indigenous plants and trees. These boost’s the farm’s biodiversity and provides windbreaks. They also help to cool the pastures down and provide a home for predators who offer a natural form of pest control.

Our pasture-reared meat and eggs, as well as the fresh produce from our garden, are used at our restaurants: the Spier Farm Café and Vadas Smokehouse and Bakery. This enhances our self-sufficiency, boosts the region’s food security.

Explore all our initiatives

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In our food gardens, Megan McCarthy teaches members of disadvantaged local communities how to grow food using eco-friendly and regenerative techniques.

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100% of Spier’s black and grey wastewater is recycled using a centralised wastewater treatment plant installed in 2007.

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An ethical supply chain

We ensure integrity throughout our supply chain by monitoring the agreed commitments in our Spier Supplier Ethical Code of Conduct, which includes compliance with all relevant labour, health and safety and environmental legislation.

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Pinotage Youth Development Academy

Spier is a participating employer in the Pinotage Youth Development Academy which seeks to educate and employ disadvantaged youth in the wine industry.

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Love The Land

Because each employee is an ambassador for Spier and its values, every new member of our team participates in a five-day training course that explores environmental and social challenges.

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Pack for a Purpose invites visitors to Spier to fill spare space in their luggage with much-needed books, stationery and other educational supplies for disadvantaged young students.

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It’s Sorted

100% of our organic waste is transformed into organic, nutrient-rich fertiliser and more than 97% of our solid waste is recycled.

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Living Soils Community Farm

Based at Spier, this learning and demonstration farm produces nutritious food using eco-friendly regenerative farming methods while empowering a new generation of farmers.

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Eagle Encounters

Spier supports Eagle Encounters by donating land, electricity and water for its facilities.

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Debinisa Transport Company

Spier helps entrepreneurs — many of the former employees — to launch and successfully run their own small businesses.

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Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator

Spier recruits entry-level staff through Harambee, an initiative that sources, trains and places unemployed young people from disadvantaged backgrounds into their first jobs.

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The Spier Art Collection

The Spier Art Collection is one of the largest contemporary collections of South African art in the country.

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Living in some of the province’s most impoverished communities, Tree-preneurs are taught how to care for indigenous trees and plants.