Pack for Purpose aims to impact positively on communities around the world by assisting travellers who want to bring meaningful contributions to the destinations they visit. The project has partnered with Spier Hotel, which has selected three projects which guests can donate much-needed items to.

If you have a couple of spare kilograms available in your luggage, you could make a huge difference by packing in donations for one of the following projects:

Windmeul Primary:

Windmeul Primary School is situated in the rural town of Windmeul in the Noorder Agter-Paarl. The school is surrounded by farms on which the learners live and their parents cultivate the lands of the farms. Most parents are illiterate and cannot provide learners with the necessary stimulation at home.

What to pack: pens, pencils, erasers, individual pencil sharpeners, solar calculators, protractors, colour pencils, crayons, chalk, plastic and wooden rulers, games, sports gear, soccer balls

Lynedoch Community Library:

The Sustainability Institute at Lynedoch has established a library for the surrounding community which has been affected by issues including severe alcoholism, foetal alcohol syndrome, high levels of illiteracy and children dropping out of school early. The library aims to make reading fun for the more than 300 local children (and their families) and to encourage parents to take books out to read with their children. It also hopes to provide a positive, beautiful and safe space where the wider community can gather.

What to pack: In addition to magazine subscriptions (e.g. National Geographic Kids in English and Afrikaans), the library also requires English language fiction and non-fiction books for 3- to 15-year-olds and Afrikaans language readers and non-fiction for the same age group. Contact Joylene Cornelius ( for a list of recommended titles or to donate funds to the Sustainability Institute Trust to purchase the desired books.

Ebenhaeser Home for the Aged:

This is a home which cares for the needs of our senior citizens from surrounding farms and communities. Ebenhaeser currently houses 180 people of whom 75% is elderly and 25% disabled. The waiting list for this home is 200-strong. The committee already planned to purchase land adjacent to the old age home to make provision for this growth. In the meantime, the home is in need of basic essentials.

What to pack: linen, blankets, soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other toiletries

Zandfliet Care Facility:

The non-profit Zandvliet Care Facility is home to more than 150 residents. Most of these are intellectually disabled, while the balance are frail and elderly. Very few receive adequate family support. A daily programme aims to boost the wellbeing and happiness of residents through physical exercises, mental and sensory stimulation, as well as therapeutic activities that reduce frustration and nurture creativity and self-worth.

What to pack: toiletries, adult nappies, clothing, shoes, linen, cutlery, other household items

How To Pack

Check with your airline or travel agent to determine the current luggage allowance to your destination and then visit to ensure you pack your donation correctly.

At Spier Hotel’s reception, fill out the Pack for a Purpose voucher, attach it to your package and give it to one of our reception staff who’ll ensure it’s delivered to the project of your choice.

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