The Pack for a Purpose invites visitors to Spier to fill spare space in their luggage with much-needed books, stationery and other educational supplies for disadvantaged young students. The items are donated to a local community school and library.

If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and take supplies for the projects we support in need, you’ll make a priceless impact on the lives of our local children and families.

Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our project/projects.

Windmeul Primary:

Windmeul Primary School is situated in the rural town of Windmeul in the Noorder Agter-Paarl. The learners who attend the school live on the surrounding farms. Their parents, who work on these farms, are mostly illiterate and cannot provide the learners with the necessary stimulation at home.

Ebenhaeser Home for the Aged:

This home cares for the needs of ±180 elderly and disabled senior citizens from surrounding farms and communities. With a 200-strong waiting list, the committee plans to buy the adjacent land to provide for this growth. Meanwhile, the home needs basic essentials.

Zandvliet Care Facility:

The non-profit Zandvliet Care Facility is home to more than 150 residents, most of whom are intellectually disabled, while the rest are frail and elderly. Very few receive adequate family support. A daily programme aims to boost the wellbeing and happiness of residents through physical exercises, mental and sensory stimulation, as well as therapeutic activities that reduce frustration and nurture creativity and self-worth.

Sustainability Institute Community Programmes:

Lynedoch Children’s House:

50 Children attend the Lynedoch Children's House, a place where imagination and creativity are grounded in a Montessori approach enabling an innate love of learning develop in each child as they are encouraged to develop freely within sensible boundaries. The buildings are designed according to ecological building principles; the children play in natural gardens and participate each day in growing, harvesting and cooking of organic vegetables.

Youth Hub:

Operating out of the Community Library in Lynedoch, the Youth Hub provides high school learners with strong academic support so they can complete their schooling. It also provides information on opportunities available to them after high school. Established to create an effective intervention point for school going youth, it aims to instill a sense of responsibility to self, environment and community as well as fostering a sense of belonging.

Swimming Project:

During the summer heat, the children in the Lynedoch farming community love to cool down in the farm dams and rivers of Stellenbosch. The swimming project aims to change this by teaching primary school learners to swim during the school holidays.

Football club:

The Lynedoch United Football Club has 40 young players who meet twice weekly for training. They participate in matches in the Stellenbosch League Football Association over weekends. The senior soccer team has 23 members, who compete in the Promotional League, managed by SAFA Cape Winelands.

Knitting Club:

The Lynedoch Knitting Club provides essential community support to the elderly, including the farm community beyond the Eco-Village. Grannies, who’re often tasked with looking after children, are given an opportunity to indulge in their knitting hobby by teaching the children at the school and youth programme. Knitting has become a much-loved activity by all!


The Sustainability Institute at Lynedoch has established a library for the surrounding community, which has been affected by issues including severe alcoholism, fetal alcohol syndrome, high levels of illiteracy and children dropping out of school early. The library aims to make reading fun for the more than 300 local children (and their families) and to encourage parents to take books out to read with their children. It also hopes to provide a positive, beautiful and safe space where the wider community can gather.

How To Pack

Check with your airline or travel agent to determine the current luggage allowance to your destination and then visit to ensure you pack your donation correctly.

At Spier Hotel’s reception, fill out the Pack for a Purpose voucher, attach it to your package and give it to one of our reception staff who’ll ensure it’s delivered to the project of your choice.

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