Switch off. Tune out.
Enjoy a much-needed digital detox in a beautiful, wholesome country setting with the ones that matter most.

Every year, winter invites us to slow down and tune in to the naturally quieter time. This year, we need that gentle pause more than ever. Let’s face it, we’re Zoom’ed out, virtually frazzled, and missing that sense of whole-hearted connection to our loved ones.

Many of us are thinking more about taking a digital detox. And, it’s not just for us as the always-on adults, we know our kids need a good break from screen time too. If you haven’t tried it before, this is the time to switch off. It’s easier than you imagine.

We’re offering a leisurely winter getaway, where you’ll be so happy to deliberately turn off your devices and take a deep breath. Relax in the graciousness of our village-style hotel. Savour the provenance of farm-fresh foods and delicious wines. Take a farm meander or a vineyard cycle in the crisp, clean country air. Read a book under an old oak tree, play together on smooth green lawns or watch the sunset with a glass of red wine on the banks of the Eerste River. Discover that when you switch off, you’re a world away, relishing the goodness of reconnecting with everything that truly matters in life.

To ease you into the joys of being offline, on arrival you will receive your Winter Switch Off kit, which doubles as your phone safe, and includes:

  • A bottle of Spier Signature Wine
  • A journal and pencil
  • A disposable film camera to capture special moments
  • A Signature wine-tasting voucher
  • An old-fashioned postcard to send to a friend or family member

Select any online package or rate and use the promo code RECONNECT to receive your special 'switch off' kit on arrival.
Book your stay now, and then all that’s left to do is switch off. You know you want to.

Valid for stays until 30 September 2021. Applicable to direct bookings through Spier's website only.

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A fireplace in every room.


It's so quiet here you can hear yourself breathe. Again.


Enjoy a wide range of activities, be it outdoor adventures, wine tasting or farm walks, to name just a few!