Make your stay at Spier all about quality family time. We have plenty on offer for everyone in the family to enjoy


Elemental Garden 720x720

The Elemental Play Garden

Explore the four elements of water, air, fire and earth in the garden’s distinct quadrants, while playing on a slide landscaped from earth mounds, crawling through a tunnel to crawl, swinging on a bridge, or splashing in the water.



Juice Tasting 87

Grape Juice Tasting

Ensure the kids don’t feel left out when you’re off tasting wine. Let them enjoy a grape juice tasting experience where they can sample two different types of juice and learn about the role insects play in our vineyards.



2021 Spier Picnic 41 min

Family Picnic

Lay down a blanket on a soft patch of grass under a shady oak tree and open up a bountiful picnic basket, full of fresh produce from our farm and trusted local producers. Pre-book our seasonal basket or select from our build-your-own selection in the Picnickery.




Craft Market

Craft Market Creative Experience

Join the little ones for a hands-on craft experience working directly with one of the artists. They will teach you the basics so you can take home your creation.