Find a unique memento or special gift – a locally-made piece of Africa to take home – at our vibrant, colourful craft market.

Situated on the shady lawns in front of the Tasting Room, the market showcases authentic and innovative pieces of art, all made by hand, and ranging vastly in terms of size and medium. You can expect everything from gallery-level collectors’ paintings and head-high wooden carvings to jewellery, leather-work, textiles and ceramics.

While browsing, watch the artists, designers and makers working on beautiful wire and beadwork trophy heads, an intricate painting, or weaving recycled aluminium into a sculpture. Carefully selected by curator Sue Heathcock for the quality and individuality of their craft, they are always happy to chat as they work, giving visitors special insight into their design and making processes.

For more information view or contact Sue on +27 82 926 6169

Credit cards are accepted and shipping can be arranged.

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Customised experiences
Make it yourself: Let one of our artists teach you the basics – and take home your own work.
Pop-up shops: Add local colour and creativity to meetings and events.

These and other tailor-made special experiences must be booked in advance.

Fair Trade Model
The craft market operates according to internationally accepted Fair Trade principles. It’s a three-way partnership between Spier, Sue Heathcock and craft artists, makers and designers who take part. The social enterprise runs on commercial principles to achieve positive social and environmental benefit. This sustainable business model allows craft artists to take home the majority share of each sale.