Our gardening team has transformed an old horse paddock into a thriving food garden to grow delicious and nutrient-rich produce using eco-friendly and regenerative techniques.

The fruits, herbs, salad greens and vegetables harvested from this serene space are used in our restaurants and sold at the Picnickery.

No inorganic pesticides or artificial fertilisers are used in our food garden. Instead, much effort is spent ensuring the soil is healthy so that the plants have a robust immune system to withstand attacks by pests. Worm compost and weekly foliar sprays (a natural form of fertiliser) boost nutrients. Alien vegetation removed from other parts of the farm has been chipped and turned into compost; this has helped ensure the food garden’s soil is now rich with microbial activity.

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The Spier Food Garden is open daily to visitors from 09.00 to sunset. You can meander through it at your own pace, exploring the seasonal bounty. Curious about growing your own food at home? Our friendly gardeners are always happy to share their insights.


Bring a basket along and harvest your own veggies! The garden is open for self-harvesting Monday - Saturday from 9:00 - 11:00 at a cost of R170 per basket. Booking is essential.

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Growing with Goodness

When it comes to taking care of unwelcome critters, Megan gets help from a paddle of 16 Indian Runner ducks. They roam freely through the garden during the day, snacking on snails and slugs, and sleep in mobile enclosures at night.

In March 2020, we recruited residents of Lynedoch, a nearby disadvantaged community, to ramp up food production at Spier and teach them how to grow their own produce at home. Nurturing these new growers is one of our Growing for Good initiatives, which empower communities to unleash positive social and environmental change.

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Compostable Packaging for Spier Food Garden Produce

Compostable Packaging For Spier Food Garden Produce

With an abundance of fresh veg, salad greens and herbs harvested from the Spier Food Garden, it’s good to know that the produce that needs protection is packaged with environmentally friendly, compostable packaging.