Appreciate art? Excellent, so do we. In fact, the Spier Art Collection is one of the largest contemporary collections of South African art in the country.


Light Art Soon it will be quiet 720 x 720 2023 03 08 110842 kcno

Spier Light Art

Step into a brighter world at the eagerly anticipated sixth edition of Spier Light Art from 1 March to 1 April 2024.

(40 - 80min / Free)

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Patrick Bongoy Portrait 2022 Cr Hayden Phipps S Guild 09 HR w 2

Ebbing By Patrick Bongoy

Enjoy our current exhibition in the Old Wine Cellar.

(20 - 40min / Free)

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Art The Dying Slaec 720X720

Voicemap Self-Guided Art Tour

Lace up your walking shoes, download the Voicemap app and set off on a self-guided art tour.

(30-90min / Free)

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Spier Art Tasting Creative Block 724x703

Tasting Room

Settle in for a wonderfully stimulating tasting of our award-winning Creative Block range of wines and finish off the experience by purchasing a Creative Block painting in support of local artists.

(40-60 min / tasting R95pp, R1500 per creative block artwork)