Spier Organic

These standout wines are distinctive for two reasons: not only for their exceptional quality, but also because they are organically farmed, crafted and officially certified.

Dependent on a limited supply of high-quality organic grapes, these wines are still crafted in relatively limited quantities.

Spier Organic

The Yellowwood Organic White

Made with grapes farmed without pesticides or artificial fertiliser, this organic blend of Chenin Blanc and Viognier is deliciously crisp with flavours of citrus and subtle spice.

The Yellowwood Organic Rosé

Made with Shiraz grapes grown organically at Spier without pesticides or artificial fertiliser, it offers a heady mix of berries, rosewater and vanilla flavours.

The Yellowwood Organic Red

Made with grapes farmed without pesticides or artificial fertiliser, this bold organic blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon is laden with flavours of pomegranate, cassis, cherry and spices.


Made with grapes grown organically at Spier, with its dreamy honeycomb, citrus and pear flavours are supported by exquisite minerality.


This Shiraz rosé — made with organic grapes grown at Spier — serves up abundant strawberries with hints of vanilla and pepper culminating in a dazzlingly fresh finish.

First Stone Organic Red

Spier First Stone is a single red blend, crafted according to the highest standards of quality expected from Cellar Master Frans Smit. It is named after the giant, ancient granite boulders dotting the banks of the Eerste River that flows through Spier farm.

Our Ranges

  • Signature Collection
  • Frans K Smit
  • 21 Gables
  • Creative Block
  • Seaward
  • Spier 5.5%
  • Spier De-alcoholised 0.5%