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A Family Home.

The family who have owned Spier since 1993 work hands-on in keeping Spier true to its intentions: to make good wine and grow good food, investing in people, the environment and South African art.

About Taste heritage 720x720

Good wine from a good place.

We’re an old Stellenbosch wine farm with a long and winding history, and many twists and bends in the road. Regenerative farming and pioneering environmental and social initiatives make us who we are. Our label is a symbol for top terroir-driven wines and we’ve been named South African Producer of the Year by the International Wine & Spirit Competition - twice!

Our passion for winemaking is matched by our love of growing and making good food. Most of what you’ll eat in our restaurants and hotel is homegrown, or sourced nearby.

Stay and enjoy it all. Spier Hotel is about restfulness, with a river running through it and an inspiring collection of contemporary South African art. Nature is in charge here, and you can feel it.

Our Growing for Good initiatives help communities to initiate positive social and environmental change which has a ripple effect that spreads far and wide.

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Good to the earth. Good to people.

Good is a doing thing. Our animals are properly free-range, raised without antibiotics or hormones. Our organic vines, fruit and veggies are grown without pesticides or fertilisers. We’ve cleared alien vegetation and planted over a million indigenous species. 100% of our water is recycled. More than 98% of our solid waste is recycled. We know this is the only way forward.

Our Growing for Good initiatives are about sharing with people close to us, so that our communities, in turn, become agents for change. Tree-preneurs, for example, teaches people in impoverished communities to grow trees in exchange for essentials. We upskill people in a way that is meaningful and will impact lives positively. How do we do this? By providing work experience, training and mentorships throughout our business. In our hotel and restaurants, our farm and gardens, our cellar and in the arts.

About Sourcing 720x720

Fair's fair.

What goes around, comes around. We really believe this. So everything we source falls into line with our Ethical Code of Conduct. Our business philosophy is based on fair exchange and giving back. Helping to build people up. Farming in a way that’s good for the land and communities both now, and in the long term.

Our goal is to build a healthy ecosystem, where people are respected, valued, and empowered. Where natural resources and the environment are protected and where our businesses can inspire and help grow resilient communities.

About Certifications 720x720

Certified good.

A number of independent organisations have awarded Spier accreditation and certifications that vouch for us putting our regenerative approach into practice, in every conceivable way. These are some of them.

Our Hotel is Fair Trade in Tourism (FFTSA) accredited. It won ‘Gold at the 2016 African Responsible Tourism Awards, in the category of Best Accommodation for Responsible Employment

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