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Our Home Is Your Home.

Since the family took the reins in 1993, Spier has been a place where the past is honoured, and the future is embraced with equal passion. We roll up our sleeves every day to nurture our land, craft award-winning wines, champion South African art and grow wholesome food. It's about being hands-on in every aspect of our business, from our vineyards to our community.

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Good wine from a good place.

Our Stellenbosch wine farm has a long and winding history. We remain connected to our past, with all its complexities, and move forward with a spirit of regeneration in everything we do.

Regenerative farming and pioneering environmental and social initiatives make us who we are. Our label is a symbol for top terroir-driven wines, and we’ve been named South African Producer of the Year by the International Wine & Spirit Competition - twice!

Our passion for winemaking is matched by our love of growing and making good food. Most of what you’ll eat in our restaurants and hotel is homegrown or sourced nearby.

Stay and enjoy it all. Spier Hotel is about restfulness, with a river running through it and an inspiring collection of contemporary South African art. Nature is in charge here, and you can feel it.

Our Growing for Good initiatives help communities initiate positive social and environmental change, which has a ripple effect that spreads far and wide.

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Good to the earth. Good to people.

At Spier, 'good' is more than a philosophy – it's action. Our commitment to life in all its forms is evident in how we raise our free-range animals without antibiotics or hormones, and how we cultivate our organic vines, fruits, and vegetables without harmful pesticides or fertilisers. Our dedication to the land extends to restoring its natural balance, demonstrated by clearing non-native vegetation and planting over a million indigenous species. We're proud that 100% of our water is recycled, and more than 98% of our solid waste is repurposed, reflecting our deep respect for the environment.

But our role extends beyond the farm gates. Our Growing for Good initiatives are about sharing with our communities that, in turn, become agents for change. Take Tree-preneurs, for instance. This program empowers individuals in underprivileged communities to cultivate trees, in exchange for essential goods, fostering both environmental stewardship and economic opportunity. Through work experience, training, and mentorship programs spread across our operations - from the hotel and restaurants to the farm, gardens, cellar, and even in the arts - we're cultivating a community of skilled, empowered individuals.

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Fairness in Every Fibre.

We do business with a conscience. So everything we source falls into line with our Ethical Code of Conduct. Our approach is simple: treat the land with respect, be fair to our partners, and give back more than we take. Our goal is to build a healthy ecosystem, where people are respected, valued, and empowered. Where natural resources and the environment are protected and where our businesses can inspire and help grow resilient communities.

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Certified Commitment.

The recognition we've received from independent organisations isn't just for show. It's proof of our dedication to doing things the right way - for our environment, our community, and our future.

As a pioneer in responsible tourism, we were among the first hotels in South Africa to receive accreditation from Fair Trade in Tourism SA. We earned this accolade in 2004 and have maintained the certification since then. This underscores our pledge to a regenerative, inclusive future, where every action and achievement contributes to the greater good.

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