Our new shopping experience is unique, intimate and unforgettable.

Visit The Cowshed at Spier to shop a careful selection and collection from passionate people producing purposeful products. They’re earnest, inquisitive and deeply connected to the earth. The way they approach what they do reflects the same attention to detail, patience and focus as Spier’s attitude to regenerative business and responsible sourcing.

Step into The Cowshed at Spier and you’ll find three core offerings: food, wine, and lifestyle. Expect to find homeware, books, candles, toys for the kids. Frozen meals, fresh food, jams and oils. Coolers, glassware, and gift packs of wine. There’s even an apothecary with space to test soaps and fragrances.

Opening Times

Retail with a reason

The Cowshed at Spier is about quality. It’s about farmers and artisans who embody wisdom, who cherish this planet and the bounty it provides. This is about people who understand what it means to create from nature, to make something from the earth’s soil, to take but to give back. To pamper the self while supporting others. To foster community and build new connections.